AEW Star Issues Warning As They Need 4 Joints Replaced

Chris Jericho Taz AEW

AEW commentator Taz swapped the ring for the microphone a long time ago but his years of wrestling and training have left his joints in a bad way.

Taz last competed in the ring all the way back in 2006 when he defeated Jerry Lawler in 35 seconds at ECW One Night Stand. That bout in itself was a comeback match as The Human Suplex Machine’s full-time in-ring career ended in 2002 as he moved to the broadcast table in WWE.

Taking to social media, Taz has revealed he needs both shoulders and knees replaced and urged those wrestling today to use his situation as a cautionary tale:

Went to a highly acclaimed orthopedic surgeon yesterday to discuss my knee. It’s been brutal for a couple of years, he did testing & X-rays on me. So, both of my shoulders & knees need to be replaced. 4 joints. I am not doing this right now. I’m gonna keep trying regenerative procedures & try to suck it up dealing with the pain.

*This is NOT from bumps… It’s from training too heavy like a caveman trying to be “big”. I’m posting this for today’s wrestlers, please be smarter, times have changed for the better!!

Taz Finally Got Physical In AEW

At AEW Dynasty, Chris Jericho captured the FTW Championship when he smashed HOOK’s head with a baseball bat. Jericho had tried to take HOOK under his wing leading up to that match but his overbearing nature caused that partnership to break down.

As HOOK’s father and someone Chris Jericho has worked with for years, Taz attempted to mediate the situation but Jericho caused outrage when he shoved the AEW announcer off his feet. It was mentioned on commentary then just how badly Taz has been suffering with his knees in recent times.