AEW’s Skye Blue Reacts To Her Butt Going Viral

Skye Blue AEW

AEW star Skye Blue has shared her thoughts after going viral for one particular part of her body.

Women’s wrestling has come a long, long way in the last two decades as gimmicks such as bra and panties matches and swimsuit contests have given way to legitimate, high-quality matches between athletes on a par with their male counterparts. The highest-profile example of that is when Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey became the first women in history to main event WrestleMania in 2019.

However, there is still work to be done with AEW’s Skye Blue recently going viral after Daily Loud posted a clip of the star with the focus being on her butt.

AEW’s Skye Blue says if you’re going to stare then you can support

Speaking to Alicia Atout, Blue spoke about the unusual interest in her because of the video and says she only found out about it from her boyfriend, Aussie Open’s Kyle Fletcher:

“When I was younger I hated it, ‘can I say I’m underage and get you in trouble?’ Then people found out how old I was. At this point now I’m just like – when the Daily Loud thing went up I had no idea and Kyle was the one who found it and was like ‘You have 12 million views!’ I was like ‘What do you mean? I didn’t do anything.'”

“So then this smartass, he shares it with my Patreon link, then it really blew up and I was like oh, okay. At this point, I’m just like it is what it is, we all work very hard to look like what we look like so at least if you’re gonna stare at it you could help and support.”

Skye Blue was last in action in an AEW ring at Rampage Grand Slam where she was defeated by Julia Hart.

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