AEW’s Miro & CJ Perry In Shock Breakup

Miro CJ Perry

Miro and CJ Perry have been on and off-screen partners for several years but now it seems that their marriage is over.

TMZ has reported that Miro and CJ Perry called time on their marriage in the winter of 2023. The pair were married in 2016 and had been in a relationship with one another for a few years before that. The report notes that the pair are simply believed to have grown apart in recent times. Neither party has yet filed for divorce and Miro’s absence from AEW might be explained as it is noted he returned to his native Bulgaria after the split.

Speaking to TMZ, Perry confirmed the marriage was over but said she still hoped to work with Miro and that the pair remain friends:

Miro and I have made the difficult decision to separate after many wonderful years together, and have decided to move on as friends, and hopefully onscreen characters somewhere down the road.

Miro & CJ Perry Could Remain Together In AEW

CJ Perry screwed her former client Andrade at AEW Worlds End in December 2023 allowing Miro to pick up the win over the WWE-bound star.

That was the last time either Miro and Perry were seen on AEW TV together with Miro recently suggesting that an injury was also keeping him out of action. Perry’s comment suggests the two could remain together on-screen quite happily if that is what Tony Khan wants but what the future holds for the pair remains to be seen.