AEW Star Screwed In Final Match At Worlds End

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Andrade El Idolo had been a big part of the AEW Continental Classic and his time in the company looks to have come to an end, the star has been screwed.

Andrade El Idolo first joined AEW in June 2021, months after the star had been fired by WWE. During his time in the company El Idolo was largely lost in the shuffle and never shone past other ex-WWE stars brought in after him or homegrown AEW stars.

Many believed Andrade El Idolo was trying to get fired by AEW following an altercation with Sammy Guevara that came just a few weeks after the infamous All Out fight between CM Punk and The Elite. But AEW and El Idolo persisted with each other and in recent weeks, the Mexican star seemed to be back on track as part of the Continental Classic.

Andrade El Idolo Screwed At AEW Worlds End

El Idolo had accepted the managerial services of CJ Perry, something that left Perry’s husband Miro less than impressed. Miro agreed to allow El Idolo to get through the Continental Classic unimpeded but after that, all bets were off and a huge match was made between the two stars at Worlds End.

As the match looked to be nearing its conclusion, El Idolo had Miro trapped in the Figure 8 – the finishing move of El Idolo’s wife Charlotte Flair. However, to the surprise of everyone, CJ Perry pulled El Idolo’s arms out from under him breaking the hold.

As El Idolo asked what was going on, that gave Miro enough time to recover and hit his foe with a big kick before locking in Game Over for the submission win. After the match, CJ Perry smiled and seemed delighted that her husband picked up the win with Miro looking initially unsure about what had happened.

Andrade El Idolo is believed to be on his way out of AEW, with a return to WWE likely now that Triple H is in control.