AEW’s Mercedes Mone Confirms Ironic Shane McMahon Meeting

Mercedes Mone AEW

AEW star Mercedes Mone has confirmed her chance meeting with Shane McMahon and teased more could be on the horizon.

AEW announcer Jim Ross set alarm bells ringing when he innocently commented that Shane McMahon in AEW was “so crazy it might work” on an episode of his podcast. It then emerged that McMahon had discussed a possible AEW appearance with friends in the company in what would surely be Tony Khan’s biggest coup yet.

Tony Khan initially distanced himself from suggestions about Shane McMahon appearing in AEW but the door remains open for the man who once called the WWE his family business.

PWInsider has now reported that AEW’s TBS Champion Mercedes Mone was spotted with Shane McMahon at Laguardia Airport in New York as they chatted on their way to their separate flights. The report also noted that one source confirmed that Mone and McMahon had a conversation about AEW during their time together.

Mercedes Mone Confirms Shane McMahon Meeting

Mercedes Mone has now confirmed the encounter in her newsletter, confirming the chance encounter took place by a bagel shop:

After it all, by only the fates aligned – I walked into the airport, was in line by the bagel shop when I suddenly looked up, and there he was, just as surprised as I was. My first day being a double title holder and the first wrestler and former WWE Superstar I see is McMahon….come on, if that isn’t the universe working in divine timing, I don’t know what else it could be.

I’ve always loved Shane. When we locked eyes, we both kind of looked at each other like IS THAT YOU? Our faces lit up as we got to talking a bit and before he boarded his flight, he gave me his number… the rest as they say a history or maybe a mystery!

Mercedes Mone was given a huge challenge for AEW All In on Dynamite in Chicago as she came face-to-face once again with former AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD.