AEW Wrestler Believes There Won’t Be Many Changes After New Rules Implemented

aew dynamite stage

A report from inside AEW suggests that the new rules won’t cause too many changes or issues, with minimal repercussions expected.

Earlier this week it was reported that AEW had taken measures to ban certain moves and under certain circumstances, in order to protect their talent. However, the latest update would imply that it is more a case of needing to have approval from coaches to do certain moves.

The report from the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that it is as much to do with ensuring there isn’t repetition throughout the show as it is protecting dangerous moves.

They are all still allowed and will be done, but you just have to tell the producers and coaches you are working with on the match that you are doing it. In theory, if too many are doing the same things repeatedly on the same show, they may not be approved because you don’t want to overdo those type of spots.

The report continues by saying they’d been told by an AEW wrestler that if a move were performed “in the moment” and without approval from the coaches, it could cause an issue but it wasn’t expected to be a major one.

He expected if that were to happen he expected minor fines but no great repercussions and it wouldn’t happen often enough that it changes the product at all.

A lot of talk about dangerous moves has come about since Forbidden Door, where Will Ospreay hit a Tiger Driver ’91 on Kenny Omega during their IWGP United States Championship match which looked like an extremely uncomfortable landing for ‘The Best Bout Machine’. However, he has since hit out at the comments about it being dangerous.