New AEW TV Deal Could Be Worth 50% More Than Previous Estimate

Tony Khan AEW

A report has given an insight into what a new media rights deal could mean for AEW.

Since its launch in 2019, AEW enjoyed a strong relationship with Warner Bros Discovery, and many expect that to continue with the signing of a new TV deal. However, a new agreement is yet to be signed, and it’s been reported that Tony Khan is “disappointed” by the latest offer from the media conglomerate.

AEW sources quickly hit back at the claims, suggesting there was no disappointment, but the fact remains, a new deal hasn’t been agreed.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer explained that in the circumstances “disappointed” is something of a semantic term. He noted that as much as AEW claims not to be disappointed, the offer isn’t what they wanted, because if it was, a deal would have been signed.

The only real notes I can say is that from the AEW side, they claim they were not disappointed in the offer on the table at all, but obviously haven’t signed it either. The whole argument over the word disappointed is a semantic term.

You could say disappointed as inherent because they haven’t signed or you could say not disappointed, because the first offer was a good starting point for negotiations, but you still haven’t signed so it’s really just a word.

New TV Deal Could Take AEW To Profitability

Expanding further, Meltzer reported that the new deal could be worth significantly more than the previous $110 million-per-year estimate. This could, at least in theory, make tens of millions of dollars available for further talent acquisitions.

The exclusive time frame before AEW can legally shop the programming around is coming up in several weeks. The figures being talked about are said to be considerably more than the estimated $110 million per year, or slightly more, that would in theory take the company into profitable range.

There is talk of figures being between 50 percent above and as much as nearly double the current number said to be already on the table. The latter figure in particular would open up the potential of tens of millions more annually for talent acquisitions and other expansions in the budget.

Elsewhere in the newsletter, Meltzer claimed AEW is currently incorporating some cost-cutting measures, including their upcoming Collision residency in Arlington.