AEW TV Changes Linked To Cost-Cutting

Tony Khan AEW

After fans spotted changes to AEW’s presentation on Dynamite and Collision, it seems cost-cutting could be at play in the company.

Tony Khan has not been shy about spending big when it comes to his AEW roster with stars such as Bryan Danielson, Adam Cole, CM Punk, Mercedes Mone, Kazuchika Okada, and Will Ospreay all signing within the last three years alone.

AEW is currently in negotiations with Warner Bros Discovery about a new TV deal and while those talks seem to be dragging on, Tony Khan’s company could be cutting back on some expenses when it comes to TV.

AEW Cutting Back On Pyro?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about changes to Dynamite and Collision with the announcers moved and a lack of pyro and he noted the pyro disappearing could be down to budget cuts:

As far as moving [the announcers] it’s probably Michael Mansury, I mean he’s in charge of that stuff. It’s probably just his thing. WWE at times had moved the commentators up there so it’s one of those things over the years they change. That would not be a cost-cutting thing, as far as removing the pyro, yeah it probably is.

Tony Khan recently distanced himself from rumours Shane McMahon could make a sensational switch to AEW as it emerged the former WWE star is no longer under any type of contract with the company that used to be his family business.

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