AEW Star Worried About Being A One Hit Wonder

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A rising star in AEW is worried about being known for one thing that doesn’t have to do with in-ring performance.

Daniel Garcia is a rising star in AEW who’s known for being a talented technical wrestler already at the age of 25 and with only about five years of experience as a wrestler. Garcia was signed by AEW in October 2021.

Since signing with AEW, Garcia has been featured on television as a member of the Jericho Appreciation Society while also having some big matches with his wrestling idol, Bryan Danielson. While Garcia hasn’t won any AEW titles yet, he is a former ROH Pure Champion.

When Garcia was in Jericho’s JAS group, he repeatedly reminded people that he was a sports entertainer rather than a wrestler, which led to Garcia doing a ridiculous dance during matches.

AEW’s Daniel Garcia Doesn’t Want Dancing To Overshadow Wrestling Talent

While talking to The Messenger, Daniel Garcia talked about how his dance moves sometimes take the attention away from his ability in the ring.

“People used to come up to me before the dance like, ‘Oh, you’re such a good wrestler. Now, people come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I like the dance.’ They don’t even talk about my wrestling. That’s the last thing on their mind.”

“Part of me feels like the dance is almost a cheat code, it feels like I’m kind of taking the easy way out sometimes. That’s genuinely how I feel.”

“I feel like an artist who has one one major No. 1 song. Like everyone just knows him for that one song now, even though they have years and years and years of a great catalog. Now everyone just wants to hear that one song. That’s all people care about.”

The dancing man Garcia was chosen as one of the 12 wrestlers that are in the AEW Continental Classic tournament. Garcia will be in action on AEW Collision against former ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli in the first match for both men in the Continental Classic tournament.