AEW Star Warns MJF The Company Has Changed


MJF might be back in AEW, but he won’t be getting everything his own way.

At AEW Double or Nothing Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his triumphant return to All Elite Wrestling and wasted little time in getting down to business.

The former World Champion verbally skewered Adam Cole before attacking him and kicking him from the ring. What followed was a promo delivered with an intensity that shook the wrestling world.

Not only is MJF back, but he’s remembered exactly who he is. That means no more friendships, instead, nothing but hate and scorn for anyone who dares stand in his way. The explosive tirade was followed by his pledge of allegiance to AEW by revealing a tattoo with a company logo and the message “Bet on yourself.”

A Top AEW Star Won’t Move Aside For MJF

During the post-Double or Nothing media scrum, AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland sent a warning shot at the returning star. When asked whether a match between the pair was possible, Strickland made it clear he was ready but warned AEW has changed considerably while he’s been away.

“It’s a possibility, and that’s the beauty of this whole company. Everything is possible. I know he probably has unfinished business with what Undisputed Kingdom did to him and Adam Cole. He probably wants to finish up some things. It goes to show, I’m not one you can walk over and come at anytime, any place, anywhere you see fit.

While you were gone, I was building. I was building and making this place a fortress. You can come in. I’m not saying you can’t challenge for the World Championship, but you have work to do. Just like I had work to do. You have work to do. Show me something.

This isn’t the same All Elite Wrestling from when you left. Worlds End, just that three month span, from Worlds End to Dynasty. This company made a major shift in a lot of different ways. It’s up to Maxwell Jacob to figure out where he fits right now. I’m not going to make it easy.”

As well as returning to television, it’s been reported MJF has signed a long-term multi-million dollar contract with AEW. Meanwhile, there are said to be major creative plans in place for the star as he begins his climb back to the World Championship.

H/t to Fightful