AEW Star Wants To Join WWE “At Some Point”


Former Ring of Honor World Champion Bandido only joined AEW in the second half of 2022 but the Mexican star still sees WWE as playing a part in his future.

Bandido signed a deal with Tony Khan’s company after making his debut against Chris Jericho on Dynamite in September 2022 when he challenged The Ocho unsuccessfully for the ROH World Title.

Speaking to SO CATCH by Hal 2, Bandido admitted that he’d love to be in WWE at some point in the future and he loved his time visiting the Performance Center:

“At some point, I’d like to go to WWE. Not in this moment but I hope after, later. I was in WWE. They invited me to the Performance Center. They give me a Camaro for all my week to drive. That was amazing. I made good amigos. Chris Hero, I saw him in the Performance Center and now he’s really, really good to have friend. I love you amigo… He’s very nice, he’s very nice.”

Despite his future plans involving WWE somewhere down the line, the star admits that AEW “is like a dream” to him despite Chris Jericho breaking his mouth on his first night on Dynamite:

“I have bruises so he (Chris Jericho) broke my mouth and he kick very strong, my nose and I think that is a very important and fantastic night for me. AEW is like a dream to me, to my life. When I took a match against Chris Jericho, that was fantastic. Fantastic match, fantastic night, everything was amazing. I really, really enjoy.

“Yeah (I was contacted for it several days before). I was landing in Denver Sunday, the morning and they called me, ‘Hey, you can come to AEW.’ ‘Okay, yeah, I wanna do it. That’s perfect. See you on Wednesday’ and it’s oh, okay… Easy deal. Thank you very much. Thank you Mr. Tony (Khan).”

Bandido last competed in an AEW ring back in January on Dynamite when he was defeated by Bryan Danielson as The American Dragon sought to book his place in an AEW World Title match with MJF at Revolution.

h/t POST Wrestling