Chris Jericho Says Rick Steiner “Has Always Been A Bully”

Chris Jericho

Rick Steiner has made headlines for all the wrong reasons after being accused of harassing an Impact Wrestling star and now Chris Jericho says that Steiner has “always been a bully.”

Impact Wrestling star Gisele Shaw took to social media to recap her encounter with Rick Steiner at WrestleCon where she alleges she was the victim of anti-trans harassment. She also noted that other stars who witnessed what transpired stayed quiet but her story has earned her plenty of support online.

Replying to Shaw’s post on Instagram, AEW star Chris Jericho noted that Steiner had previously bullied him and a host of other WCW stars such as Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio during a match and says he’d love to discuss his issues with Steiner any time:

“Hey! Don’t even worry about this. #RickSteiner has always been a bully and has gotten away with so much because he is a “Steiner”. Makes me laugh cause I fell for the same shit when he bullied me, Eddie, Chris, Oscar, juvie etc at World War 3 1997!! I got your back @giseleshaw08 …and if Rick has an issue with this, I’d love to discuss with him anytime. It’s 2023 dude…grow the f*ck up!”

As of writing, Rick Steiner has not responded publicly to the allegations made against him.