AEW Star Wants More Sports Entertainment

AEW The Elite Ghostbusters

Matt Hardy wants to see more entertainment in AEW and he apparently isn’t alone in the company.

QT Marshall announced he had resigned from AEW suggesting that the company has changed massively since it was first formed in 2019. Reports that followed noted QT Marshall had expressed his frustrations in AEW and among them it is believed he thought the company was becoming a version of NJPW with too much emphasis on match quality and not enough on storylines.

Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Hardy seemed to agree with Marshall and noted that he wants to see more sizzle to go along with the steak offered in the ring by AEW stars and that is how the company can attract more casual fans:

I would like to see a little more story and entertainment-based stuff into characters and whatnot in AEW. To … draw more casual fans in and not just hardcore wrestling fans, I feel like they’re there and the wrestling is always going to be there – that’s what Tony loves.

Matt Hardy Says The Bar For Great Matches In AEW Is Set Very High

Matt Hardy also noted that the AEW locker room has set the bar so high for in-ring work that it has become almost impossible to top the standard week after week:

It is such a hard-working locker room and they have set the standard so high for matches that it gets harder and harder, and tougher and tougher to top those things. I think these guys are having such great matches week in and week out I think it’s tough to top all this stuff over and over.

AEW’s current focus is on the Continental Classic which sees twelve of the company’s stars compete in a round-robin tournament to crown a new American Triple Crown Champion. Although the bulk of the attention is on the in-ring action in these matches, storylines are emerging in the tournament for fans to become invested in week after week.

h/t Wrestling Inc.