AEW Star Wants Goldberg Match – “It Doesn’t Get Bigger Than That”


AEW star Wardlow has commented on the possibility of squaring off with WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg and says he’d die peacefully if he was the one to retire him.

Goldberg was a sensation not seen before in WCW when he burst onto the scene in the late nineties building up a huge following and a huge undefeated streak on his way to becoming WCW World Champion. But decades later, the star is looking to call time on his career and is adamant that he’ll be doing it on his terms – but Wardlow is interested in ending that career.

Speaking to Simon Miller of WhatCulture Wrestling, the current TNT Champion was asked about possibly taking on Goldberg somewhere down the line, and suffice it to say, Wardlow is keen:

“Yeah, I mean, if you could have Batista, Lesnar, Goldberg, I put those three in the same category of dream monster matches. So yeah, Goldberg is… I mean, we just heard, ‘Wardlow.’ We haven’t heard that chant since ‘Goldberg.’ So I think Wardlow versus Goldberg, it doesn’t get bigger than that. It does not get bigger than Wardlow versus Goldberg. It doesn’t.”

“If it comes down to Wardlow is the man to retire Goldberg, I can die peacefully.”

There have been suggestions that several companies have been interested in working with the WWE Hall of Famer with some fans speculating that the star could be approached for AEW’s landmark All In show at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

h/t Fightful