AEW Star Describes Vince McMahon’s “Very Erratic Conduct”

vince mcmahon wwe hands

A former WWE Superstar has explained the one basic thing that could make former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon instantly give up on someone.

Before joining AEW in March 2020, Matt Hardy spent well over a decade as part of WWE then led by Vince McMahon. Hardy helped revolutionise tag team wrestling in the company during the Attitude Era alongside his brother Jeff, Edge & Christian, and The Dudley Boyz before becoming a singles star in his own right.

Speaking on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the current AEW star described some of the conduct he witnessed over the years from Vince McMahon, and explains why the former boss could very quickly go off somebody:

“I’ve seen him quit on people for having a bad punch, you know, whatever. It’s just, yeah, he’s just so he’s very matter of factly. You know, just like, I see this, I like this person, I got his back. Oh, I saw this, it was terrible, get them out of here, fire them, tell him to go home, whatever.”

“I mean, I’ve seen some very erratic conduct. I didn’t want to say erratic behaviour. But I mean, I’ve seen some very erratic conduct in behaviour from Vince as well, when it comes to making decisions like that. I mean, just if someone rubs him the right way, and he’s like, supportive of that person, usually pretty solidly has their back. You know, you have to do a lot to like, p*ss Vince off if he legitimately likes you.”

“But there are some people when he’s beginning to form a bond with that there’s just something that, you know, rubs him the wrong way. And he can cut them off right from the beginning, and just like not even give them an opportunity.”

Vince McMahon is reportedly facing new multimillion-dollar claims for damages in relation to alleged sexual assault with one allegation stretching back to 1986.

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