AEW Star Trying To Figure Out Their Story

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One of the stars of AEW is trying to find their story before returning to the ring.

Satnam Singh joined AEW back in April 2022 and quickly aligned himself with Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt, with the trio being joined by Jeff Jarrett later that year.

Since then, the group has proven to be a thorn in the side of many groups in the company. Most recently, they took on The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn over the World Trios Championships. At All Out, though, Lethal, Jarrett, and Singh came up short in their attempt to win the titles.

Singh hasn’t wrestled since the loss, but he has recently addressed his in-ring absence.

Satnam Singh Explains Recent AEW Absence

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Singh explained that there are so many wrestlers in the company, that he wants to work out a story to get back in the ring.

“We have to try to figure out the story. There are so many wrestlers over there right now. It’s almost like over 300 wrestlers, so we try to put everything together.

“We have like four shows in a week. Wednesday, we have Dynamite, Rampage, then we have Saturdays, Collision, [ROH]. So we have a lot of shows going on.

“So I talk to Sonjay and I talk to Jeff Jarrett and also Jay Lethal, so what’s the story? What’s going on? So I think when I come back from India to here, we are going to start back on the road…now we are talking [a] break.”

While Singh has not been in action recently, his teammate Jay Lethal has been competing in the Continental Classic but was eliminated from the tournament on Dynamite.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.