AEW Star Needs Stitches After Bloody Dynamite Battle

AEW logo over blurred Dustin Rhodes Samoa Joe

AEW Dynamite was one of the most talked about in the company’s history and one star ended the night needing to be stitched up.

The ghost of CM Punk came back to haunt AEW in the week before WWE WrestleMania as he finally gave his side of the story in relation to his ill-fated time in the company.

In response, The Young Bucks presented the backstage footage of CM Punk’s fight with Jack Perry at All In which led to Punk being fired from the company. The skirmish lasted a matter of seconds but Punk was clearly the aggressor as he aimed a strike at Perry before trying to lock him in a front face lock. Samoa Joe was the one who pulled Punk off Perry before the former AEW World Champion was led away.

As far as stars that are still with the company go, Samoa Joe attempted to open the show for his AEW Title Eliminator against Dustin Rhodes. Joe was attacked by Swerve Strickland on his way to the ring meaning his match was postponed until the main event.

Dustin Rhodes Gets Unwanted Birthday Gift After AEW Main Event

An irate Samoa Joe picked up the win as he left Rhodes in a bloody mess. Taking to social media, Dustin Rhodes confirmed that he needed a couple of stitches after the bout which came one day before his 55th birthday:

Thank you all for watching #AEWDynamite. You win some and you lose some. You fans are the reason I still do this.Couple stitches, home for my birthday tomorrow and one of the absolute best in the biz who loves doing it for you! Love y’all!!

Samoa Joe will defend the AEW World Championship against Swerve Strickland at Dynasty on the 21st of April.