AEW Star Says A Pitbull Ate Their Teeth

AEW Pitbull

Mark Briscoe is one of wrestling’s more unique characters and a current AEW & ROH star, in recent months his life has been touched by tragedy with the loss of his brother and tag team partner Jay.

Jay Briscoe lost his life in an automobile accident back in January 2023 that also saw his two daughters hospitalised. Thankfully, his girls are now home and making their recovery but Jay’s loss was felt acutely across the wrestling world with stars of every company paying tribute to his career, and more importantly him as a man.

Since then Mark Briscoe has forged on, promising to continue the legacy of Dem Boys, and has his sights set on the ROH World Television Championship at Supercard of Honor against Samoa Joe.

Briscoe has a stand-out look even for pro wrestling standards that is punctuated by his missing front teeth. Appearing on one of the last bastions of wrestling journalism Hey! (EW) with the perpetually probing RJ City, Mark Briscoe revealed he doesn’t have false teeth that he wears at home because his pitbull ate them:

“I do not [have false teeth], I did until I met my wife. She said, ‘I don’t care if you wear your teeth or not, I kinda think you look better without your teeth!'”

“It might’ve been the very same day… I was taking a nap in my recliner, teeth on the armrest, I wake up and the teeth are gone. The pitbull ate my teeth!”

Mark Briscoe is still currently one-half of the ROH Tag Team Champions, having won the title with Jay back in late 2022 but new champions will be crowned at Supercard of Honor in a Reach For The Sky Ladder Match.