AEW Star Reveals What Cody Rhodes Told Them Ahead Of Huge Match

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Red Velvet recalls invaluable advice given to her by Cody Rhodes ahead of their mixed tag team match.

In one of the more unique matches in AEW history, Velvet and Rhodes would team up to take on the team of Jade Cargill and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal.

The match would see the 7-footer deliver a Powerbomb to Rhodes and The American Nightmare driving the NBA legend through a table.

Red Velvet spoke with The Grue Room Show to recall the events that took place on AEW Dynamite that evening. Fearing that she might get lost in the shuffle, Rhodes reassured Velvet that she is just as an important part of the match as the other competitors:

The fact that Shaq was there too (in the AEW mixed tag match) brought a lot of highlight into the match and as I got in the ring and I was super nervous, I shook Cody’s hand and he whispered in my ear and he said, ‘Don’t let anyone tell you that this match isn’t about you as well’ and that just really set because you know, the match had Shaq in it and stuff so people — I could have easily been forgotten about and I think he wanted to make sure I remember, this is your moment as well and that just helped me and that was a night I’ll never forget.

Enjoying being a part of the historic match, Velvet revealed the one thing she would have changed from that night:

It was crazy because it was such a hectic day. I was so nervous, it was so much going on and the only regret I have on that day is not taking a tag team picture with Cody. I will never have that now, you know? So I was just like, ‘Ugh!’ I even took a picture with Shaq but just, I wish before the match, there wasn’t so much going on because I would have loved to just really have a picture to remember that moment.

I have a picture of us in the ring, shaking hands and when he told me that but still, it would have been good. He jokes about it and talks all the time like, ‘We could have gotten a twin pack action figure.’ I was like, ‘Ugh! I know.’ Tony (Khan), maybe he can still make it, you know?

The tag team match featuring Shaquille O’Neal is still one of the greatest celebrity involvements in the short history of All Elite Wrestling. Chris Jericho recently revealed that a match between himself and Mike Tyson was scheduled to take place but had to be scrapped.

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