AEW Star Reveals Their Contract Ends “Very Soon”


Andrade El Idolo has not been seen for several months in AEW since undergoing surgery for a torn pec, and despite almost being healed, it remains uncertain if he’ll compete in the company again.

The former WWE star was pulled from a scheduled Rampage match with Preston Vance on October 7th, 2022 after getting involved in a physical confrontation backstage with Sammy Guevara. That incident came just a few weeks after the fight following All Out that involved CM Punk and The Elite.

Since then El Idolo has also been recovering from a torn pectoral muscle and underwent surgery for the injury in November.

Speaking to Lucha Libre Online, Andrade El Idolo noted that he was still an AEW star but that his contract with the company doesn’t have long left as he also discussed his recovery from a torn pec muscle:

“First of all, I still work for AEW. I want to clarify that because I am still with AEW. My contract will expire very soon, but I still belong to AEW.

“I tore my chest, so I am still in recovery. I had an operation in November, about 4 months off, but am close to being back & to feel at 100%. I was in the Hall of Fame event, mostly to accompany my spouse (Charlotte Flair) and to celebrate the induction of my friend, Rey Mysterio.

“It’s something awesome because I have great matches with him. I never tagged with him, but he is someone I admire and a symbol for all Latinos. Of course I saw Ric Flair & he thanked me for being with his daughter and to give her advice ahead of her match. Now that I see her, I would tell her about it.”

There had been some speculation that Andrade El Idolo could be looking for a return to WWE where his wife, Charlotte Flair, remains. Whether or not any of the AEW stars who supposedly wanted out of the company will still feel that way following WWE’s sale and the return to power of Vince McMahon remains to be seen.

h/t Fightful