Sammy Guevara “Didn’t Fight Back” Against Andrade El Idolo

sammy guevara aew hat

Further details have emerged following the physical backstage altercation between Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo, with news that it was actually a one-sided attack.

It appears there may be a reason to justify Sammy Guevara remaining at AEW Dynamite, while Andrade El Idolo was sent home.

News of a backstage altercation breaking out between the pair was reported prior to AEW’s flagship show going on-air, which resulted in Andrade being sent home. Guevara, however, remained at the show, teaming with Chris Jericho to defeat Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia while being heavily booed throughout.

Dave Meltzer has now divulged details of what appears to have happened during a Wrestling Observer Radio broadcast, stating that Andrade El Idolo was awaiting ‘The Spanish God’, who reportedly didn’t fight back:

“So Tuesday night, they were talked to, both of them, and they were told no fighting. Andrade was told that if this is your idea, you’re not going to get fired if you fight, but you will be sent home, and Andrade said, ‘Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen, there is going to be no fighting’, this is Tuesday night. Sammy was the same thing, nothing is going to happen.

They had security there, everybody was warned ahead of time. And then, I’ve probably heard about five different stories, but three of them are identical, which is probably similar to what you [Bryan Alvarez] have heard, and the fourth one is somewhat identical.

This is what I have heard from someone who I totally trust on this one. Andrade was waiting, everybody was waiting, Andrade was waiting in the hallway, he got two punches in before it was broken up. Sammy didn’t fight back, obviously and if you watch the show tonight, the punches didn’t, they didn’t leave a mark, so it wasn’t like they were solid punches or anything like that. But he did throw 2 punches, and it was broken up right away and Andrade was sent home.”

Andrade El Idolo was sent home and removed from his scheduled Rampage match vs. The Dark Order’s Pres10 Vance, which was due to see both Andrade’s AEW career and Vance’s mask defended. Vance will instead challenge for Death Triangle’s AEW World Trios Championships alongside John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

Dave Meltzer confirmed during the same show that Andrade is openly attempting to get fired from All Elite Wrestling, though he remains officially signed to the Tony Khan-helmed promotion as of this writing.

H/T to Inside The Ropes.