AEW Star “Pretty Jealous” Of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns WWE

AEW Executive Vice-President Kenny Omega has revealed his envy for the television presentation of Roman Reigns.

The Canadian star is gearing up for a return to AEW television on the 2nd May edition of Dynamite having been forced to take time away from the ring since mid December after a battle with diverticulitis.

The former AEW World Heavyweight Champion has been able to keep a close eye on AEW’s competition during his enforced absence from the squared circle and has recently opened up about his admiration from WWE Superstar Roman Reigns.

During a recent Twitch live stream, Omega lifted the lid on his respect for Reigns, noting that he is a fan of the way he is presented on television whilst drawing comparisons to his own previous NJPW run:

“I’m not gonna accept any Roman Reigns slander in this chat. I really think he’s incredible and I don’t think he’s boring either. I actually would say I’m pretty jealous because Roman Reigns is presented the exact same way that I would love to be presented.

He’s presented as The Man whose the champion to have big matches at the pay-per-views where your really cheering for him or cheering for someone else. That’s professional wrestling. He’s getting the deal what I did in New Japan so I can’t be a hater on that. I’m a fan.”

It is not the first time in recent weeks that Omega has heaped praise on a WWE Superstar, with legendary 16-time World Champion John Cena recently the recipient of a respectful nod from ‘The Cleaner’.

Roman Reigns Withdraws From WWE Draft

Roman Reigns has been missing from WWE television since tasting defeat at the hands of ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes in the main event of WrestleMania XL on 7th April 2024.

‘The Tribal Chief’ is currently filming the major motion picture ‘Good Fortune’ alongside Hollywood mainstays Keanu Reeves and Seth Rogen, with Reigns’ absence explained by his recent withdrawal from the 2024 WWE Draft.

H/T: Sportskeeda for the above transcription.