AEW Star Delivered Powerbomb Through Table At A Wedding (VIDEO)

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An AEW wrestler made an appearance at a wedding recently where he delivered a devastating Powerbomb through a table.

Brian Cage is known for being one of the most impressive-looking athletes in all of wrestling with a mix of power and speed. He’s a guy that can do it all in the ring and has a lot of experience working all over the world.

In April, Brian Cage re-signed with AEW where he appears regularly on their TV shows as well as the Ring of Honor brand.

While Brian Cage is used to performing his wrestling moves in the ring, he recently appeared at a wedding where he put one of the guests through a table with a devastating Powerbomb.

In a YouTube video titled “Man Ruins Wedding” featuring a man named Jon Baker and his new bridge Angela, Brian Cage appeared 1:45 into the video while a wedding guest was delivering an awkward speech.

Brian Cage was given a special introduction as he showed up wearing his wrestling gear. Cage smashed a bottle onto one guest that tried to attack him. Cage also grabbed the guy that delivered the awkward speech and gave him a Powerbomb through a table. A man in a referee shirt showed up as Cage pinned the guy.

After the “match” that he had, Cage was also presented with a championship as well. Cage presented it to the groom. At that point, Cage left and the video ended.

Obviously, Brian Cage was booked to be at the wedding because he knew somebody involved. It led to a funny moment that likely surprised a lot of the guests. It is also a reminder that pro wrestling style angles can work anywhere…even at a wedding!

AEW’s Brian Cage also tweeted about it.

Congratulations to Jon and Angela Baker on their wedding.