AEW Star Reveals Most Fined Star In TNA History

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A current AEW star says they think they might be the most suspended and fined star in TNA history and admits they wouldn’t always handle things the right way.

Before joining AEW and WWE, Samoa Joe spent several years of his career battling the finest stars that TNA had to offer. During his time in the company, Joe won everything on offer and shared the ring with the likes of AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, and Sting.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on The Sessions, Joe opened up about his darker side backstage and thinks he must have been handed more suspensions and fines than anyone else in TNA due to his blow ups backstage:

“I think I am the most fiend/suspended guy in TNA history. Maybe not by this point, I don’t know. [Renee asks what for] You know, I just get upset, you know, at things and I just wouldn’t handle it the right way. And I flipped but well, here’s the thing. It’s never physical. You know, I’ve never assaulted anybody, never gonna threaten anybody’s life.”

“It’s not me, but I think if anybody’s been around when I’m – which I guess you have when I’m hot. And I’m shouting about things I’m told it’s like, very terrifying. And it seems very like violence is about to pop off and stuff.”

“So I mean, I think that’s really the gist. I remember the times there was like, anytime I had a big pop-off and somebody else would have something similar. Like I was always punished way more and it was like we were just scarier. It’s like, all right, cool.”

Samoa Joe also discussed his WWE exit and thinks that those released by the company were victims of warring factions in the company’s management.

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