AEW Star Believes Mercedes Moné Is One Of The Best Wrestlers Ever

Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone is already one of the greatest wrestlers ever, male or female, according to an AEW wrestler.

Wrestling fans have gotten to watch Mercedes Mone perform in the ring for over a decade from her long run in WWE as a Sasha Banks as well as her 2023 run as Mercedes Mone.

The former IWGP Women’s Champion Mercedes Mone has been injured for about six months with a serious ankle injury that required surgery.

Recently, Mone made it clear that she will be back in the ring soon and we’ll see wrestling again at some point in 2024.

AEW’s Daniel Garcia Believes Mercedes Moné Is One Of The Greatest Pro Wrestlers Ever

During an interview with The Walkway Fight Club, AEW’s dancing wonder Daniel Garcia spoke about the greatness of Mone while adding that she’s not just one of the best wrestlers ever for women, but that includes men too.

“I think Mercedes, not even in a women’s division, I think she’s one of the greatest performers of all time. I think she carries herself like a star. Her in-ring ability is amazing. I think she’s very creative, very unique.”

“I’ve never met her, but you can tell her work ethic is insane. When she left, took a break for a year, and she was going to all these different schools. She trained in Mexico, she trained in Japan, she trained with House of Glory in New York City, just learning and adapting to all these different styles to improve her game. Just always being a student, not being complacent, not just resting on her laurels. She never seems like the type to do that.”

“I really admire her, I love watching and studying her matches. I think she’s one of the best of all time, male or female.”

While Mercedes Mone hasn’t wrestled for AEW yet, she was in the crowd at AEW All In London at Wembley Stadium. Due to that appearance, there has been speculation of Mone joining AEW at some point, but it hasn’t happened yet in part due to her injury.