Former AEW Star Teases “A Huge Opportunity Coming Up”

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A former AEW wrestler has hinted that he has a huge opportunity ahead of him while adding that he’s excited for the future.

Earlier this month it was reported that former AEW wrestler Brian Pillman Jr., who is the son of the late wrestling legend Brian Pillman, was no longer under contract to AEW because his contract had expired.

Shortly after his AEW deal had ended, there was a report days later that he was training at the WWE Performance Center. It didn’t mean that Pillman had signed a contract with WWE, but they were interested and “getting a look” at him.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer, it was reported that while not impossible, “it would be less likely he’d be hired right now until after the merger is complete.”

The merger is Endeavor acquiring WWE for $9 billion, which was announced back in April and is a process that could take several more months to become official.

It has also been reported by that a deal is in place (or about to be signed soon) for Pillman to join WWE. They also reported that “Pillman Jr. will be moving to Orlando, Florida by the end of August where he will report to NXT and begin training at the WWE Performance Center full-time.”

During an appearance on Captain’s Corner virtual signing, Pillman delivered a message to fans.

“It’s a tough business and it’s a long road to the top if you want to rock ‘n roll. Being here today and getting to reminisce about some of the past moments of my career has really cheered me up and put me in a position to where I’m excited for the future.”

“There is a lot to come, I can’t speak on it right now, it’s kind of in the works. I have a huge moment, a huge opportunity coming up in my career to continue making memories, to continue coming up with new gear ideas and sharing my version of pro wrestling with you all. Thank you for supporting me.”

Obviously, the fact that he recently trained at the WWE Performance Center and spoke about a “huge opportunity coming up” it’s going to lead people to think it means a future in WWE. If the Bodyslam report is true then perhaps we’ll learn more about it later this summer.