AEW Star Fires Back At Fans

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One AEW star is sick of tag team wrestling being treated as a step-down.

In recent weeks and months, one of the biggest talking points in AEW has been how the company uses — or not — some of its most talented performers. The topic first really came up when Kenny Omega continued a storyline tagging with Chris Jericho instead of featuring in the Continental Classic, and more recently when it was highlighted that Malakai Black hasn’t wrestled a singles match in over a year and a half.

These creative decisions and others have led some fans to question why some stars are ‘held back’ in tag team competition. The implication is that tag team wrestling is ‘less than’ singles wrestling.

Posting on social media, tag team specialist Dax Harwood of FTR hit back at this idea, writing that tag team wrestling is anything but a step-down.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen people tweet, “*insert name* should be in a singles match!” or “why are they wasting *insert name* in a tag team?!”

Yall, tag team wrestling IS a draw, & has been for MANY years. Just because one person held a monopoly over wrestling & didn’t care for tag teams, doesn’t mean it’s a step down!

Rock & Roll Express, Road Warriors, Midnight Express, Arn & Tully, New Age Outlaws, etc., all drew BIG money! Tag Team Wrestling CAN be the main event; patting us on the back, I feel we’ve proven that a couple of times.

Now that my crybaby soapbox rant is over, tag some of your favorite UNSIGNED tag teams!

I’ll start: The Dawson Brothers:


The Midnight Heat:

I’d love to see everyone else’s favorite.

Kenny Omega Won’t Be Back In AEW Anytime Soon

Although sections of the AEW fanbase weren’t impressed that Omega missed the Continental Classic, the decision proved to be a stroke of luck.

On December 15th, Kenny Omega announced that he would be out of the ring “indefinitely” after being admitted to hospital. It was later revealed that the star had been diagnosed with diverticulitis. While this impacted creative in the tag team ranks, it could have caused even more booking chaos had he been part of the Continental Classic.

It’s been reported that Kenny Omega is doing better, but will be out of the ring for an extended period.