AEW Star Finishes Up Early With Company

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QT Marshall has reportedly already finished up with AEW.

On November 28th, QT Marshall announced that he would be leaving AEW at the end of 2023. In his statement, Marshall thanked the company and Tony Khan, noting he had worn a “myriad of hats” over the years. This included working as a VP, Manager of Talent Relations, and writing over 750 formats.

The news surrounding the departure hasn’t all been positive, however, as Dave Meltzer reported that QT Marshall had expressed his frustrations over his role in AEW and his decision to leave is said to have been months in the making.

Now, Fightful Select has revealed that although his contract officially expires on January 1st, 2024, Marshall has already “effectively finished up” with AEW and has not been a presence backstage for some time. The reported also noted that he gave his notice months ago, but signed an extension through to the end of 2023.

What’s Next For QT Marshall?

The main reason for QT Marshall parting ways with AEW is said to be his lack of time in the ring. The 38-year-old is thought to have ambitions to be seen as a wrestling star, something that wouldn’t happen in the company. In recent months, the star has been wrestling for AAA in Mexico and held its Latin American Championship for 99 days.

Fightful report that Marshall’s future plans will involve the Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling trademark which is owned by The Nightmare Factory LLC, the company owned and operated by Marshall and Cody Rhodes.

TCW was originally a promotion founded by Dusty Rhodes in 2000 and based in Marietta, Georgia. The company was short-lived, folding in 2003, shortly after Rhodes’ 35th Anniversary Tour. Following the closure of TCW, The American Dream signed with TNA.