AEW Star Ends Rumors About Their Future

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With speculation of interest from WWE, an AEW star has ended questions about their future by putting pen to paper on a new AEW deal.

It has been reported over recent weeks that Rush’s contract with AEW was close to expiring. This led to talk that whilst AEW were interestedn retaining him, WWE were also looking to offer a deal – although to match the money on the table from his current employer, he would need to be offered main roster money as the deal was worth far more than anyone in NXT’s salary.

To this end, Rush confirmed on Monday by posting on social media that he had signed a new contract, with a video of him and Tony Khan penning the deal.

Rush’s debut in AEW was confirmed via a video packing which aired during Double Or Nothing 2022 and made his in-ring debut the following month, although at that point he was only on a per-appearance deal with the company rather than a full-time contract.

His first regular deal with the company was signed in September last year, with the current news indicating that it was a one year deal at that point. His last appearance came in May when he was on the losing end of a six-man tag match against The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. Although in the announcement of his new deal he says he is now 100% AEW, Rush still has one more appearance confirmed, when he heads to AAA TripleMania in Mexico City where he faces LA Park, Psycho Clown and Sam Adonis in a four-way match.