AEW Star Drops New Mercedes Mone Tease On Collision

Mercedes Mone

AEW’s plans for Mercedes Mone might have become a little clearer.

Mercedes Mone is expected to make her AEW debut on March 13th at the TD Garden in Boston. The show has been dubbed “Big Business” in a nod to the star with her debut being handled in much the same way as CM Punk’s back in August 2021.

While the world waits for Mone to finally become All Elite, teases for her arrival on television are already underway.

Serena Deeb has been in dominant form since returning to action in January and during her latest appearance on Collision, the star declared herself “The Final Boss” seemingly in reference to Mone.

“Not only am I undefeated, I’m undeniable, and I’m unstoppable. Putting on a clinic after clinic every single week here in AEW. Let’s be honest, nobody has really challenged me in the ring yet, and it makes sense because I am ‘The Professor of Professional Wrestling,’ ‘The Woman of 1000 Holds.’ To be honest, I don’t think the competition that I’ve faced so far would even know the difference between a wristlock and a wristwatch.

So if you’re listening, if you’re watching, if you consider yourself one of the best, step into Deeb’s Dojo. Step into my home turf. Test yourself against the most elite wrestler, because I’ll be here each and every week showing the world that nobody can do what I do in the ring and why I am ‘The Final Boss.”

Mercedes Mone Makes Impact On AEW

Although she’s yet to make her official debut, Mercedes Mone has already had an impact on AEW. The company’s new Vice President of Content Development Jen Pepperman was reportedly hired due to her association with Mone.

It is believed Pepperman will work extensively with Mone, mirroring the relationship between Brian Gewirtz and The Rock.

H/t to Fightful