AEW Star Confirms New Contract Offer

AEW logo over blurred Hardy Family Office

AEW star Matt Hardy has confirmed that the company has offered him a new contract.

The former ECW Champion’s contract with Tony Khan’s organisation is believed to be drawing to a close and speculation about the 49 year-old’s future became rife recently after Hardy and his wife Reby attended the 18th March edition of WWE Raw in their hometown of Rayleigh, North Carolina.

Veteran Hardy has spent four years with AEW but been used with less regularity by the company in recent months and many believed he may be set to part ways, with one last WWE run a possibility.

During a recent edition of his podcast ‘The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy‘, the former WWE Tag Team Champion revealed details behind the current contract offered by AEW and explained why he has yet to put pen to paper on the deal:

“I have an AEW contract sitting in front of me for a few years.

I’m looking through it. I’m deciding what I want to do going forward. There’s obviously still some options. I gotta make sure that I’m aware of the ins and outs of the contract. I want to make sure everything is up to par as far as what I want to be because once again, as I say pretty often, I know that I only have a couple more years left doing this and I want to make the most out of those years, whatever it may be. I want to be optimized in whatever I am doing. That’s very important to me.”

Despite remaining uncertain about his immediate future, Hardy revealed his delight at receiving the offer from AEW President Tony Khan and believes he will come to a decision in the coming weeks:

“I’m very happy to be invited to return to AEW and work for AEW for the foreseeable future, but we shall see because right now, I’m just going to be weighing out the options.

There’s a couple of things out there. I would say in the next month, I should probably know what the immediate future is gonna hold.”

AEW Star Matt Hardy Praises WWE Return Of The Rock

Matt Hardy also took time during the podcast to share his reaction to the WWE return of The Rock.

The former WWE Superstar heaped praise upon ‘The Great One’ for his heel persona and praised the recent use of blood in an angle with Cody Rhodes.

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