AEW Star Knows Cody Rhodes Quitting Company A Very Smart Decision

Cody Rhodes WWE Raw

Cody Rhodes is now the man in WWE following WrestleMania 40 and one AEW star has admitted Rhodes made the smart decision to leave Tony Khan’s company.

Cody Rhodes finished his story at WrestleMania 40 as he defeated Roman Reigns to become WWE Champion. That victory was a long time coming for Rhodes who made clear winning that title was his sole mission when he returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38.

The American Nightmare’s return to the company he left in 2016 came just a few weeks after Cody Rhodes shocked the world when he announced his AEW exit. Rhodes, alongside The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, were the four wrestling stars who held EVP roles in Tony Khan’s company when it launched in 2019.

Cody Rhodes AEW Exit The Smart Decision Says His Brother

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Cody’s brother Dustin Rhodes has discussed his decision to leave, admitting that he didn’t think it would happen:

I didn’t actually, I didn’t. But I know some stuff that went on. And you know, I think it was just his time he made a smart decision. He made a very smart decision.

Look at him now. You know, he is the man here. So it’s incredible. Incredible ride, incredible journey from him leaving the first time in WWE and saying he’s betting on himself and just taking the ball and f*cking running with it. And he created something really cool. That’s awesome.

As far as if Dustin Rhodes following his younger brother back to WWE, he says he’s very happy in AEW as he touts the embarrassment of riches in Tony Khan’s company:

No, I’m happy there. I’m very happy in AEW and it’s a good place for me. We’re growing, we’re doing some wonderful things. Business is up. Everything is great. It’s a different style over there as it is WWE, you know.

We have some of the greatest professional wrestlers on the planet in that company, man and it is special to watch them even to have a chance to step in the ring with him. My God, there’s some good talent there. They do some amazing stuff. Just incredible stuff like different category stuff. Will Ospreay, they have to build a new category for him because he is insane. And he’s so young. It’s amazing how just the incredible things that he does, it’s nuts.

Dustin Rhodes competed in an AEW World Title Eliminator on the 10th of April edition of Dynamite against Samoa Joe. Joe picked up the win and Dustin Rhodes revealed he required medical attention after the match.