AEW Star Claims MJF Is Stealing His Identity

MJF walking to the ring on AEW Dynamite

Wardlow has hit out at MJF for disrespecting him and trying to “steal his whole identity.”

MJF made his triumphant return to AEW at Double Or Nothing, where he finally got revenge on Adam Cole, who turned on him at Worlds End and revealed himself as The Devil who had been hounding Friedman for months. After dispatching Cole, Friedman declared himself the ‘Wolf of Wrestling’ and made it clear he would remain All Elite for years to come.

The star soon had a new t-shirt made, but AEW’s social media team botched his new nickname, calling him “The Lone Wolf” instead. The post caught the attention of one of MJF’s rivals and a member of Cole’s Undisputed Kingdom, Wardlow, who has been known as The Lone Wolf himself.

The former TNT Champion called Friedman out on social media, claiming he was trying to steal his identity before dismissing him as a “p***y that he squashed like nothing.”

He wants to be a 6’3 270lb monster athlete so bad. Now stealing my whole identity? Call yourself the “lone wolf” all you want. you’re still just a p***y that I squashed like nothing. Almost feel bad for the little boy, but the disrespect has gone too far for too long

MJF Shouts Out WWE Star While Correcting AEW Social Media Team

MJF himself called out the AEW social media team for getting his new moniker wrong. The star pointed out that he was the Wolf of Wrestling before saying Lone Wolf was taken. However, instead of directing them to Wardlow, he tagged WWE’s Lone Wolf, Baron Corbin.