AEW Star Calls Out Konnan Over Controversial Konosuke Takeshita Remarks

Konosuke Takeshita AEW

Absent AEW star and former TNT Champion Miro has not taken kindly to former WCW star Konnan’s recent remarks about Konosuke Takeshita.

On the 8th of February 2023 edition of Dynamite, Konosuke Takeshita competed in the biggest match of his young AEW career as he took on AEW World Champion MJF. Takeshita has been a thorn in MJF’s side in recent weeks as the champion tried – and failed – to avoid a title match with Bryan Danielson at Revolution.

In El Paso, Texas, Konosuke Takeshita lost to MJF but he did bring the crowd to their feet as he paid tribute to former WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero who died in 2005. With MJF laid out in the ring, Takeshita mimicked Guerrero’s trademark taunt before launching onto the champion with a frog splash for a two-count.

Speaking on Keepin’ it 100, former WCW star Konnan revealed that he wasn’t a fan of the moment. Konnan said Takeshita had heat with him and told the Japanese star to stick to his nationality:

“Well Takeshita… he’s got heat with me and he’s lucky I wasn’t in El Paso. Because when he went up and he did the fu*king Eddie Guerrero thing for the frog splash, you’re not Mexican dude, I don’t care… Stick to your nationality.”

Now Miro has waded in following Konnan’s bizarre comments and suggested the former WCW US Champion does not want to start any beef with Takeshita:

“I bet you all that konnan, or whatever his name was , can’t last 10 sec with @Takesoup”