AEW Star Breaks Silence On WWE Interest

Penta El Zero Miedo Konosuke Takeshita AEW

One AEW star has finally commented on reports that WWE is interested in bringing them in as their AEW contract nears its end.

2024 has seen WWE make big moves when it comes to talent as the company have signed up Drew McIntyre to a new deal as well as Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Chad Gable. Although Becky Lynch has left the company after her own deal expired.

WWE has also not been shy about bringing in stars with Andrade returning to the company at the Royal Rumble with his fellow ex-AEW colleagues Shawn Spears and Ethan Page also joining as part of the NXT brand.

AEW Star Says WWE Story “Only A Rumor”

A report from early June suggested WWE had a strong interest in former AEW Tag Team Champion Penta El Zero Miedo and now the star himself has had his say on that report while speaking on COMIENDO CARNITAS:

It was only a rumor, never a request to me or my agent. Meanwhile, we got in when AEW offered a contract. The rumor was made because my contract expires by August – September and when that rumor popped now, I had forgotten about that (giggles) and then my agent confirmed that. You know how information can be spread out on social media and how misinterpreted it can get.

I don’t know how that information about my contract expiring leaked, and I prefer to focus on my present and my present is currently with AEW. If any company like WWE wanted to offer me something, I would need to evaluate because there is a lot of interests on the way.

A lot of people depend on me, from my merch people, the ones that work on my restaurant, that work on the gym, the school, too may people depend on Penta, not just me. There isn’t anything tangible. If there was to be anything tangible, we would need to evaluate it, check what is more convenient both financially and in-ring.

Someone told me that it was like playing for Barcelona while you should play for Real Madrid. I can see that perspective, but I am not that young and it would be my last big contract. I have no problems with either company and I am here to work and bring my best. I understand that I have moved a lot of people with my character both in and out of wrestling and I believe that can influence more people on either company. I am calm right now, but always aware but right now there is nothing tangible.

Asked if he’d ever be interested in a switch to WWE, Penta noted that it would be good but he’s happy where he is in AEW:

It would be a good episode in my career, but I do not like to fantasy book. If it happens, it happens. I am focused on AEW and I am happy where I am at right now. Of course there is some complaints like more focus on the projection and rivalries, like it happens with every wrestler and company.

h/t Fightful