AEW Star Ahead Of Schedule In Injury Recovery

Bryan Danielson Dante Martin AEW Dynamite

One AEW star is making progress after suffering a serious injury.

Back in March, Dante Martin suffered a serious ankle injury at ROH Supercard of Honor. During a muti-team Reach for the Sky Ladder Match, Martin landed badly when he took a Canadian Destroyer through multiple tables, and his ankle was visibly broken.

As the match came to an end, Martin could be seen being wheeled out of the arena, obviously injured. The Lucha Bros were able to overcome the other teams in the bout to capture the ROH Tag Team Championship.

There’s been little update on Martin’s recovery until ROH Death Before Dishonor on July 22nd, where Ian Riccaboni said the Top Flight star is ahead of schedule in his recovery. Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer pointed out that Riccaboni’s comments may have flown under the radar and then speculated about Dante Martin’s potential return to the ring in future.

“By the way, one thing that Ian Riccaboni said on the Ring of Honor show is that Dante Martin is recovering. There’s the first word we’ve heard on TV about Dante Martin in forever. Dante Martin is ahead of schedule. That’s the only thing he said that’s good regarding his recovery.

“So he talked like, I don’t know about…again, I mean how much that was a brutal injury and Dante Martin’s big thing is his leaping ability and speed. And, that was the worst kind of, it, it was terrible. It’d be a terrible injury for anyone but even worse for a guy like him. So, hopefully, I don’t know that he can make a hundred percent, but if he can make 90%, that’s a miracle. And he’ll have a great career if he can get a 90% thing. It certainly sounded like he was on his way back. I don’t wanna say soon, but on his way back.”