AEW Sources Hit Out At “Completely Inaccurate” William Regal Claims

William Regal AEW

Several sources within AEW have been reported to have taken issue with recent suggestions that William Regal’s advice was ignored in the company.

William Regal has made headlines since it emerged he was likely headed back to WWE following his shorter-than-many-expected run in AEW. With that news circulating, former NXT star EC3 made comments suggesting Regal had “immediately regretted” his decision to join AEW due to “maturity issues” with the company’s management.

That led to some online making more assumptions about William Regal’s time in the company with Brian Pillman Jr. attempting to put some of those assumptions to bed.

Now SEScoops has reported on several AEW sources that have a lot more to say on the situation. One source was quoted as calling EC3’s claims “completely inaccurate.” The source also added context to the idea that AEW talent passed up the opportunity to train with Regal on show days:

“There was no formal coaching session, where it was something that was scheduled or anything like that. Usually he would go down to the ring to help someone, and word would spread, like, “Hey, Regal is down in the ring.”

Another source was quoted as giving a similar picture of the coaching sessions that went on and says William Regal would sometimes impart his wisdom from the seats out in the arena where fans would watch the action from:

“I can’t believe this is a story. It’s complete bullsh*t. There was never some schedule you had to be down at the ring and people blew it off, and (Regal) was never going to flat tell someone they had to come to the ring so he could coach them. Regal would work with someone, people would go down and show up, a lot of people took advantage of it. Other vets do it all the time. It’s always the younger women and men. Sometimes someone would work with someone one on one, other times there could be quite a few people down. It was totally informal.”

“Regal would even sit in the stands with guys to talk about the fans’ point of view, or the point of view of watching on TV,” another source said. “He would tell you about making sure to know how you are looking to fans as you come to the ring or how you would look on TV. He said to make sure you’re always really nice to the camera guys, they’re the ones who make you look good (laughing).”