AEW Star Thinks Roster Split Will Make Stars “Work A Little Harder, Be A Little Better”

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At least one person is optimistic that AEW’s upcoming roster split will lead to healthy internal competition.

With AEW announcing their Saturday show Collision, it’s all but confirmed that the new program will be accompanied by a roster split.

With two shows instead of one, many fans expect to see wrestlers limited to only one show and for some people to be showcased more.

Exactly which wrestlers will go on which show remains to be seen. But one person encouraging people within AEW and among its fans to embrace the change is Matt Hardy, who discussed the announcement on his Extreme Life podcast.

“I mean, it’s great news for AEW, obviously, because it’s going to equate to a bigger income and bigger television rights, which is going to help out the company and going to help the company grow.

Also, the company has such a large roster. It’s hard to put everyone on Dynamite and Rampage, so these extra two hours are going to help all the talent find a place on the television show. I think that’s one of the biggest benefits of it by far.”

AEW Collision is set to debut on June 17th, but for now there appears to be a roadblock of sorts with the announcement given that CM Punk wasn’t formally announced as being part of the show despite earlier rumors suggesting that he would be.

h/t Fightful for the transcription