WBD’s Reaction To Abandoned CM Punk Announcement

CM Punk

The CM Punk saga in AEW took another unfortunate twist on the day that many expected the former AEW World Champion’s return to the company to be announced.

Punk was not unveiled alongside the new Saturday night Collision show as part of the Warner Bros Discovery upfronts but it emerged that he originally was named among the new show’s major stars.

Warner Bros Discovery then caused more concern for fans of CM Punk as they went on the record to say that “CM Punk is not affiliated with TNT’s AEW Collision.” But there’s nothing to say that he won’t be if his return is ever officially confirmed.

The last-minute snag appears to be down to former producer Ace Steel’s role in the company moving forward with Punk believed to be “at odds” with AEW due to the situation, putting his future in some doubt once again.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the response from Warner Bros Discovery to the situation is that there will likely be an attempt to work things out:

“From the WBD side – because nobody from the AEW side has talked about this at all, nor confirmed any of this – from the WBD side, they have said that their belief is that there will be an attempt to work it out.

“They’re hopeful that they work it out, that it’s not a dead deal.”

Tony Khan announced the location of several of the first Collision shows but held back details on the debut episode which will be held on the 17th of June. Should that be announced for the United Center in Chicago as expected it might be a clue that Punk is indeed on his way back.

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