AEW Legend: “MJF Is Brilliant Beyond His Years”

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An AEW legend has complemented the talents of the company’s World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF.

The AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman is the youngest World Champion in the five-year history of the company and he’s also days away from having the longest World Title reign in AEW history as well.

At the age of 27, MJF has proven himself to be not just a great talker, but an incredible all-around performer who can really put on a show in the ring too. MJF’s 60+ minute Ironman Match with Bryan Danielson at Revolution in March is definitely a contender for Match of the Year in AEW or any wrestling company.

In addition to holding the AEW World Title, MJF is also an ROH Tag Team Champion with Adam Cole for the past two months. Cole is out of action with ankle surgery, but there’s no indication that MJF is going to get a new partner or just give up those titles.

Mark Henry works behind the scenes in AEW as a mentor, coach, and talent scout. Henry was on Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcast to talk about the kind of person MJF is.

“I think that he’s polarizing enough that every show you already market the fact that MJF is going to be there. And for him not to be greedy when he could be, he could say no, I don’t want Adam Copeland. I don’t want Bryan Danielson, I don’t want Samoa Joe, I don’t want a CM Punk. I want the spotlight for myself.”

As he continued, Henry put over MJF for being “brilliant beyond his years” which is a huge compliment coming from a WWE Hall of Famer like Henry.

“It means that he is just like I said just a minute ago, a guy that wants the greater good. That wants to be successful, not by the means of it’s just me. But successful by the means of the organization and the program that you’re trying to build. He is brilliant beyond his years. Like you walk in the locker room and he helps with production, he helps with helping write for people that can’t do it for themselves.”

MJF is a locker room leader that helps everybody according to Mark Henry

The praise from Henry continued while noting that MJF pays attention.

“He goes and supports, and you see him going through like what camera angles to take. He’s 20-something years old, man. You don’t find that very often. And to have that understanding, I’m like ‘Where the hell do you get this from? Where did you get that from?’ And it’s just him; he pays attention.”

“He understands that it’s not just about him. If he wanted to take it, Book, there ain’t nobody that can stop him. There’s nobody there that can stop him from doing it.”

While MJF admits he’s a scumbag, he also is thankful for the year he has had, which he mentioned in a lengthy social media post.

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