AEW Crowns Men’s & Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Winners

AEW Bryan Danielson ties up Adam Page

The winners were crowned in the finals of this year’s AEW Owen Hart Foundation tournament and the reward this year are major championship matches at All In.

For the third straight year, All Elite Wrestling ran the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament for the men’s and women’s divisions. This year, there was a big reward for the winners because the male winner will challenge for the AEW World Title at All In on August 25th and the female winner will challenge for the AEW Women’s World Title at All In.

AEW All In takes place in front of the biggest crowd of the year in All Elite Wrestling at Wembley Stadium.

On AEW Dynamite in Calgary, Bryan Danielson met “Hangman” Adam Page in the Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Finals. It was a renewal of a rivalry from when Page was the AEW World Champion while Bryan tried to beat him multiple times, but couldn’t get it done.

This time when Danielson and Page had a match, referee Paul Turner was knocked down by a Busaiko Knee by Danielson. That meant that Jeff Jarrett went from being a Special Enforcer at ringside to taking over as the referee of the match.

In the final moments of the match, Page had Bryan grounded in a Crossface submission. This led to Bryan countering with a pin attempt where he had Page hooked tightly and Jarrett counted to three to give Bryan the victory.

That win by Danielson means he won the Men’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament and Danielson will challenge Swerve Strickland for the AEW World Title at AEW All In London on August 25th.

After the match, Owen Hart’s widow Martha Hart walked down to the ring with Jeff Jarrett. Martha presented Danielson with the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament belt and the trophy.

A few weeks ago, AEW’s Bryan Danielson said he didn’t want to be in the position of the World Champion. It’s something that Bryan did in WWE and ROH, but not in AEW. At All In, he’ll get one more chance to become the World Champion whether he likes it or not.

Who Won The AEW Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament?

The Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament final was in the main event of Dynamite as Mariah May faced Willow Nightingale, who won this tournament last year.

It was an even matchup the whole way. The finish saw May counter a Willow lifting move and May rolled forward with a victory roll while sitting on top of Willow for the pinfall win.

Post match, Mariah May grabbed the Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Title belt and attacked her mentor Toni Storm, the AEW Women’s Champion, with it. May also attacked Storm’s ally Luther with the title belt as well. May’s attack led to Luther bumping off the ramp and through a table. As for Storm, she was a bloody mess due to the attack. May even rubbed some of Storm’s blood on the side of May’s face for good measure.

That win by Mariah May means that at AEW All In taking place in May’s home country of England, it’s going to be Toni Storm defending the AEW Women’s Title against Mariah May.