Adam Page Loses It In Expletive-Laden AEW Promo

Hangman Adam Page on AEW Collision

Adam Page is a man driven by hatred.

On the July 6th episode of Collision, a bloody Adam Page overcame Jay White to book a spot in the Owen Hart Cup finals against Bryan Danielson. While the American Dragon is being driven by the desire to give his full-time career a fairytale ending, Page is powered by something much darker.

Crucially, the winner of the Owen Hart Cup will earn a shot at the AEW World Championship, currently held by Swerve Strickland.

Page and Strickland have a rivalry going back to September 2023, with things becoming so heated that the former WWE star broke into Hangman’s home.

Adam Page Sends Chilling Threat To Swerve Strickland

In an AEW backstage exclusive following that win over Jay White, Page laid bare his disgust and hatred for Strickland. While refusing to name Strickland, Page threatened to burn the World Champion alive on the biggest stage after dispatching Danielson.

“I told you. Didn’t I tell you? I would win this tournament if it took everything in me. I would give my blood. You know I would give my blood. I’ve done it a thousand times over. I will probably do it a thousand times over again. I would spill every last drop that I have to win this and take away from him. To burn his world down.

He broke into my home! He threatened my family! We had to leave. We had to leave our home. Do you understand what that did to me? He never paid for it. He never paid for it! They loved him for it. I have them everything I had. It’s five years. I gave them every damn thing that I had, and they chose him. They chose him.

Next I have Bryan Danielson. Our record is 1-1-1, Bryan. I can tell you this. On the three occasions we met, I was never driven…I’m driven by something completely different now. I was never as driven as I am right now. You can call it justice, you can call it hatred. I don’t give a f*ck what you call it. It’s all I have left. I’m going to ruin you. I’m going to burn you alive. There will be nothing left of you. When I’m done, the biggest stage that we have, I am coming for you. I am coming for you.”

Adam Page and Strickland haven’t met in the ring since Revolution back in March when Hangman made sure his rival left without the World Championship during their Three Way Match with Samoa Joe.

The Owen Hart Cup finals are due to take place on the July 10th episode of Dynamite.

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