AEW Match Scrapped After Star Refuses To Lose

Tony Khan in AEW

A non-AEW star caused a scheduled match on Rampage to be scrapped.

On the October 20th episode of Rampage, Metalik was meant to square off against fellow high-flyer Komander, however, the match never made it to the ring.

Days earlier on October 14th, Metalik lost to Komander at a Ring of Honor taping, and it seems he was determined not to ‘do the job’ to the star twice.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Metalik refused to lose to Komander on Rampage, and as a result, the match was pulled from the card.

“The reason the 10/20 Rampage show had only three matches instead of four is because Komander vs. Metalik was booked for the show and then pulled when Metalik refused to put Komander over. Metalik still worked Collision a few days later but that can’t have helped his standing here.”

AEW Lands Major International Star

While Metalik appears to not be winning any friends with the company, AEW has moved quickly to secure the signing of Mariah May.

The British star made her AEW debut in a backstage segment with RJ City on the November 8th episode of Dynamite.

May was beside herself when it became clear she’d be able to meet Storm in the future which by wrestling logic almost guarantees the Timeless star will be May’s first feud in the company.