AEW Ladder Match Competitor On WWE’s Radar

aew dynamite march 1

One of the wrestlers in AEW’s Face of the Revolution Ladder Match on Dynamite is apparently on WWE’s radar even though he’s under contract elsewhere.

The March 1st edition of AEW Dynamite featured an eight-man “Face of the Revolution” Ladder Match with the winner earning a TNT Title match for next week’s episode of Dynamite.

It was a match that featured Eddie Kingston, Sammy Guevara, Action Andretti, Ortiz, Konosuke Takeshita, AR Fox, Komander and Powerhouse Hobbs, who ended up winning the match to earn the TNT Title shot.

While seven of the eight men in the match are regulars in AEW, Komander is not. To most fans, Komander was unknown, but he had some incredible moments in the match like when he walked the ropes leading to an impressive dive onto a bunch of wrestlers on the floor.

As it turns out, Komander is not under contract to AEW, but apparently, WWE has their eyes on him. Komander works for a promotion called KAOZ in Mexico. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided an update on Komander’s status.

“Komander, who debuted on Dynamite in the ladder match with no buildup at all, was not under contract when put on the show and is very much on WWE radar. Komander actually is under contract with the KAOZ promotion in Mexico and not sure how that would impact his ability to actually sign with WWE or AEW. But he couldn’t sign with either right now without the approval of KAOZ.”

“Tony Khan wanted El Hijo de Vikingo to debut in the ladder match but he wasn’t available so the office asked for Komander. Konnan works with KAOZ and a long time ago told them to put Komander, Dinamico, Sexy Star and Dulce Canela under contract because smaller companies could then sign them and KAOZ may then be blocked from using them, plus KAOZ and AAA work together.

“The idea was that eventually they would work out a deal where KAOZ allowed them to sign with AAA, although that hasn’t happened yet and wasn’t a priority because AAA can use them now.”

Komander’s incredible top rope walk leading to a dive can be seen below.