Tony Khan Comments On Eddie Kingston Quitting AEW

Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston caused a stir after Dynamite after he apparently quit AEW, while it could well be part of a storyline, the subject was still to put to Tony Khan for comment.

Kingston was in San Francisco for Dynamite, getting involved in a massive brawl with his former friend Ortiz before the scheduled Face of the Revolution ladder match. When AEW broadcaster Lexi Nair tried to ask Kingston about it he simply stated “I quit AEW – peace.” With the star being given the opportunity to do this and with it being shared on social media by AEW it appears to be a part of a storyline but anything is possible.

It should be noted that Eddie Kingston has already filmed a match for the first Ring of Honor tapings that will air on March 2nd and things that happened at the ROH tapings could mean Kingston’s future lies in that promotion rather than AEW.

On the pre-Revolution media call, Tony Khan was asked about Kingston’s current status and said “stay tuned to pro wrestling” to see what happens next:

“I have talked to Eddie since [Wednesday], and I would encourage people to stay tuned to pro wrestling. Stay tuned to AEW and other forms of pro wrestling. Of course, there are a lot of exciting things happening in the sport, in AEW, and also out metaverse of pro wrestling, including New Japan and the launch of the new Ring of Honor.

“A lot of exciting things happening. I have had the chance to talk to Eddie about that and I say stay tuned to the wrestling business and you’ll see what happens next.”

h/t Fightful