AEW Is Under Constant Attack Says Tony Khan

Tony Khan in AEW

Tony Khan has commented on feeling that AEW is under constant attack and says he solely focused on putting the best shows on he can.

There is rarely a week that goes by without AEW facing some sort of bad news it seems. The latest news from the company is that Kenny Omega is out of action indefinitely due to a serious illness.

Several wrestling personalities with links to WWE are frequently critical of Tony Khan’s company while rarely sharing the same criticism of their former/current employer. But this it seems, is just a price to pay for being in the wrestling business.

Tony Khan Hits Out At Constant Negativity Towards AEW

At the post-Ring of Honor Final Battle media scrum, Tony Khan was candid about how he feels regarding the seemingly never-ending criticism that AEW is under:

To be AEW is to be under constant attack. You do a great show and the next day somebody’s saying something negative, you do five great shows in a row, somebody says something negative. You break the record for the most tickets ever sold for a wrestling show in the history of the world and somebody has something bad to say about it.

At this point, I don’t worry about it. We just need to go out and do great shows week after week like we did. We were the number one show on cable this week on Wednesday, we beat every single show on TV on Wednesday out of hundreds and hundreds of shows across hundreds of networks. And if we continue doing it, everybody here’s going to be in a good position.

There has been plenty made of AEW’s relationship with Warner Brothers Discovery recently as it emerged WWE has held talks with WBD over airing Monday Night Raw with one report noting that AEW is in danger on TBS.

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