Former Champion May Not Be Coming Back To AEW

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A former champion in AEW may not be coming back to the company, according to some interesting comments from Dave Meltzer.

Jade Cargill is one of the most pushed wrestlers in AEW history. She won every match she had until losing the TBS Championship to Kris Statlander at Double or Nothing this past May.

The TBS Championship was in Cargill’s possession for 508 days before that surprising title loss while she had a 60-1 overall record in AEW.

As for her future in All Elite Wrestling, that’s a big question mark at this point. Cargill told a fan “no” when they asked if she was coming back to AEW soon. Cargill also wrote that it was “nice” being outside of the wrestling bubble, so she might stay there.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote about how Cargill was gone from AEW for now and there was no real explanation for it.

What’s Next For Jade Cargill In AEW?

Dave Meltzer had more to say about Jade Cargill on Wrestling Observer Radio while talking about how AEW built up Cargill so much and she may not choose to come back.

“Nothing. Nothing past she’s considering not coming back, is what she said, which was the last thing we heard. She wanted to take some time off.”

“Sometimes I feel like, boy, it’s like they pushed her and pushed her and pushed her and pushed her, and they never put her in the big matches. Then she’s gone. Like a multi-year push, and yet they gave her that one belt, but she never, but I don’t know if that, there’s like, again, did she never wrestle Britt [Baker]? You know, she never wrestled Tono Storm. Almost like they kept them away from her, now she’s gone.”

“So will she be back? I mean, she’s got a storyline to come back to. I mean, they didn’t, you know, she lost, but she lost in a way where she had a gripe, but she’s gone. She never made the gripe. I don’t know what the future holds for her. She’s the only one who probably knows. Yeah. I mean, Maybe she’s still figuring it out.”

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