AEW Does Not Want CM Punk Contract Buyout

aew CM Punk

The saga of CM Punk in AEW rumbles on with a new report casting doubt on whether AEW actually wants to buy Punk out of his contract.

Things went sour between AEW and CM Punk following All Out in early September after the then-AEW World Champion went on a tirade at the post-show media scrum. An alleged backstage fight then took place between Punk, his friend and company producer Ace Steel and The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. All those involved were suspended as a result.

The Elite returned to the company at Full Gear while the belief is Steel has been let go but the future of CM Punk remains a mystery.

Now Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer has stated during a live chat that Punk wants the company to buy him out of the contract but says he can’t think why AEW would want that to happen:

Bryan Alvarez: “Punk wants the buyout.”

Bryan Alvarez: “Why would AEW want a buyout? Fire him. If you troll him, what’s gonna happen, he’s going to say he doesn’t want a buyout anymore?”

Anthony: “They can make fun of him on TV, but Mr can’t fire him? weird.”

Bryan Alvarez: “Maybe they will fire him, but they’re not gonna do it when he’s injured.”

CM Punk suffered an injury during his main event match at All Out against Jon Moxley. The Elite made headlines for mocking Punk and the fight during their bout with Death Triangle on Dynamite in Chicago.