AEW Star Says Congratulating Jade Cargill Not A Big Deal

Jade Cargill

One AEW star has commented on the backlash they felt after wishing Jade Cargill well in WWE.

Jade Cargill stunned the wrestling world on the 26th of September when it was announced that she had signed a deal with WWE following her contract with AEW coming to an end. While some new signings go quietly about their business in NXT before making it to the main roster, WWE is doing quite the opposite with Cargill, touting her signing on both Raw and SmackDown.

In this revived world of tribalism among wrestling fans, some on social media were not pleased to see Jade Cargill cross the great divide. And some went as far as reacting negatively to Cargill being publicly wished well by her friends and now former co-workers.

Ricky Starks felt the heat for wishing Jade Cargill well

Speaking on the Battleground podcast, Ricky Starks spoke about his experience after wishing Cargill well and explains why it’s not a big deal although says he’s used to that reaction after he was seen attending a WWE show with his other friend Cody Rhodes in the past:

I didn’t think it was a big deal and I still don’t think it’s a big deal. I did congratulate my friend for sure -– it’s no different to any other friend that goes on and gets a job. It was kind of weird to see all that, but I’m used to it because when someone leaked that footage of me going to visit Cody, I got kind of the same visceral reaction. I’m only doing these things based off of my experience with them … it’s weird when people get mad at me.”

The former TBS Champion made her first on-screen appearance in WWE during the Fastlane Kick Off show where she was greeted by Triple H. At the post-Fastlane press conference, Triple H touted Cargill’s potential in the company but noted that he’d be patient with her perhaps signalling that fans won’t be seeing her in the ring on the main roster as soon as many thought.

Jade Cargill recently revealed that she had been sent a rather unusual gift following her AEW departure by another of her former colleagues.

h/t Wrestling Inc.