Some In AEW Believe Executive Has Been Suspended

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A top Executive could have been suspended according to some in AEW.

2023 has been a remarkable year of extremes for All Elite Wrestling. While the company launched a new weekly show and packed out the famous Wembley Stadium, it was also forced to fire one of its biggest stars CM Punk after another backstage altercation and now several office figures have left the company.

Back in November, it was reported that Head of Legal Megha Parekh had stepped back from her role and was working more closely with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and others have followed.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer ran down the departures that include Kevin Sullivan, QT Marshall, and more recently Rafel Morfi and Dana Massie — the wife of Matt Jackson. While discussing the reshuffle and Parekh in particular, Meltzer noted that some within AEW believe she has actually been suspended.

“Two more original office people have left the promotion.

That makes five major departures in recent months with Kevin Sullivan (who was let go in a decision by Mike Mansury), Megha Parekh (who is no longer working in AEW after being head of legal and unofficial counselor to some of the talent although nothing has ever been said as to what happened and some have called it a suspension and others have tried to put it off that she’s concentrating on the football team during the season, but I haven’t heard of her being expected back) and QT Marshall (who basically left because he wanted more opportunity to be a wrestler at a higher level than was going to happen in AEW).

The latest were Rafael Morffi, who headed the promotion of live events and had previously worked for WWE (2000 to 2012) and TNA (two tenures between 2013 and 2019) and Dana Massie, the wife of Matt Jackson, who headed the merchandise department.”

AEW Star Expected To Re-Join WWE

While the backstage restructuring is already well underway, it’s been reported that Andrade El Idolo is expected to return to WWE in 2024.

Prior to working for AEW, Andrade worked with WWE from 2015 until 2021. During this period he won the NXT Championship and the United States Title. Most interestingly he enjoyed his strongest run of success in NXT under the booking guidance of Triple H who is now heading up creative on the main roster.